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Monday, November 2, 2015

A brand new advertising campaign is asking Winnipeggers to give some thought about the professionals who work on their behalf.

WAPSO 162 Works for You, is a campaign sponsored by the Winnipeg Association of Public Service Officers (WAPSO-IFPTE Local 162) featuring a “rear tail” advertising poster that began appearing on many Winnipeg Transit buses on November 2nd.

WAPSO-IFPTE Local 162 represents approx. 700 professional, technical and supervisory staff working in diverse areas such as engineering, urban planning, transit operations, accounting and finance, public works, traffic management, pharmacy, spiritual care, social work, customer service and laboratory testing.

This campaign is an important step in promoting awareness about the responsibility our members have and the importance of the work they carry out at the City of Winnipeg, Riverview Health Centre, the WRHA, and ultimately for the general public at large.

The campaign features six members, who like all of our members, are truly the unsung heroes of the City, Riverview and WRHA workforces, often working behind the scenes to improve the quality of life for all Winnipeggers. The six members who volunteered to be on the ad are Rob Wilson, Calvin Wat, Richard Mahe, Chenene Layne, Wayne Casper and Michelle Stainton.

Click on the "Bus Board Advertisement" link under Additional Resources below to view the detailed sample ad board.

Important to note, many of Winnipeg Transit's professional and technical staff are represented by WAPSO-IFPTE Local 162, and that its transit buses, which our advertisments appear on, are serviced and operated by our sisters and brothers of the Amalgamated Transit Union, ATU Local 1505.

Finally, this campaign is an entirely grassroots endeavour and was developed in house by WAPSO-IFPTE Local 162’s Communications Committee. Assistance and guidance was provided by the 21 Unsung Heroes Committee of IFPTE Local 21 out of San Francisco, California, which developed a very successful and similar grassroots campaign a few years ago.

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