Winnipeg Association of Public Service Officers

WAPSO meets with Mayor Katz

Friday, April 11, 2014

This week WAPSO President Andy Weremy, 1st Vice President Alex Regiec and Labour Relations Specialist Bill Comstock met with Mayor Sam Katz and his staff at City Hall as a follow up on our meeting of December 18, 2013 and to continue discussions around the creation of an Ethics Commissioner and whistleblower protection and policy.

The meeting also served as an opportunity to discuss with the Mayor the 2014 operating budget deliberations and subsequent position reductions. It was suggested that decisions regarding operating budgets and potential staffing reductions should be made within a Risk Assessment framework to identify and minimize impacts on service delivery.

Other items discussed at the meeting included furlough days and its implementation of which the details are not clear at this time. Both parties committed to continue to working together on this issue, including WAPSO meeting with the CAO and senior administration very soon.

A friendly and productive discussion also took place on a number of other workplace issues and we agreed to continue to work together. Both parties see value in continuing the discussion in the future.

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