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Overtime Arbitration Award

 In September 2018, the City of Winnipeg and WAPSO attended an arbitration hearing to decide a WAPSO grievance regarding overtime. In January 2019, the Arbitrator ruled that the current overtime regime contained within the WAPSO / City of Winnipeg Collective Agreement is not in compliance with the Employment Standards Code.

The Arbitrator has directed WAPSO and the City of Winnipeg to come to an agreement that will bring OT practices into compliance with the Employment Standards Code by July 31, 2019. WAPSO and the employer will soon begin to negotiate this agreement.

Further communications to WAPSO members related to the OT Arbitration will be issued when dates for negotiations have been confirmed and as more detailed information becomes available.

Please ensure that all hours worked beyond your regularly scheduled hours are recorded (including lunch hours and breaks) and please advise WAPSO of any instance of members being discouraged or otherwise not being allowed to record those hours. In addition, please advise WAPSO of any disciplinary action taken in relation to any matters related to overtime.

There is no change to the WAPSO week based on the Arbitrator’s decision.

If you have questions about how these issues may impact you or other WAPSO members, please feel free to contact WAPSO Executive Director, Keith Bellamy ( or our Labour Relations Officer, Katie Haig-Anderson (


Richard Mahé, President

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