Professional Development Fund 2019

The City/WAPSO Professional Development Fund Committee is happy to announce that applications can now be made for reimbursement of educational opportunities with registration payments occurring between January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019.

The Principles for the 2019 Professional Development Fund are available on CityNet.

The Request for Reimbursement Form can be accessed through CityNet.

2019 Approval Process Flow:

  1. Employee completes the request form requesting to access the Professional Development Fund.
  2. Employee submits form to their direct supervisor for approval and signature.
  3. If approved by direct supervisor, the employee OR the direct supervisor will email the signed request form to:
  4. The Committee will review requests and respond directly to employee, supervisor, and departmental Finance contact if the request is approved (or approved in partial; or denied).
  5. Each respective department will be responsible to process funds through their finance team once they receive the committee’s approval and the employee’s proof of payment.

*Note the City/WAPSO Professional Development Fund Committee may award additional funds above the maximum if funds are not exhausted prior to the end of year.

This fund is supported by the a Letter of Understanding (Schedule I) in the WAPSO Collective Agreement which states;

“The purpose of the fund is to provide reimbursement to WAPSO members of some portion of costs related to courses taken by the member at accredited post-secondary institutions or such other courses as may be agreed to by the member’s Department. This would cover education, training, professional development and conferences related to the individual’s current position or future development as identified in his/her Development Plan. Individual members may make application to their department for consideration of funding. It is understood that the Department shall not unreasonably withhold such agreement.”

If you have any questions, please email the committee at

On behalf of the City/WAPSO Professional Development Fund Committee thank you for participating!

Pamela Langstaff - WAPSO Representative
Michael Robinson - WAPSO Representative
Bonnie Northwood - City Representative
Poornima Saraswati - City Representative